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TZ 350 in the making.
My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.
Rik's Rotax 125 1993
Rik's Rotax 125 1994
My 1992 RS125R Honda
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The 125 flame thrower
RS125RF Honda

He is (O;

Rik Wesselius

I was interested in motorcycles when I was born, I think! At age 5, I was already hanging out with the bikers gang/group around the blok in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If they were cleaning or fixing their bikes, I was cleaning my paddle bikie and painting numbers on it(77). The group had fun races around the streets, and one day this huge guy picked me up and put me on the gas tank and we drove around. I still remember that after 35 years! Big head lights and lots of chrome, heavy and deep-dark motorsounds in those days. It was so cool, I had no helmet on(nobody), and I remember lots of viberations, and hard wind. It felt like I was going 200 miles per hour. Hanging on to the handle bar, tears running from my eyes from the wind, I had the "most exciting" moment of my life! I was hooked to motorcycles, and I still am!! At age 9, I went to my first world GP at Assen, The Netherlands. Then the 2 and 4 strokes where in one race. Later I would race at Assen myself. My dad worked for a company (bosch) and he had to be there with the BOSCH supply bus, and that is why I stayed in the pits/racers quarters. In 1977 I had the same luck and saw the Dutch "Wil Hartog" win the GP500 race at Assen in Holland! Later I watched from the public places, but it still is a great event to see. The smell, the sound, the speed, the bikes, and the people.....great stuff

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Rik on his 1992 RS125R Honda


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