Rik is racing for fun!

Rik's Rotax 125 1993

TZ 350 in the making.
My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.
Rik's Rotax 125 1993
Rik's Rotax 125 1994
My 1992 RS125R Honda
Visionsports Riding Schools track days.
The 125 flame thrower
RS125RF Honda

He is (O;

Some random photographs of me riding my Bakker Rotax 128, 125cc 2 stroke single cylinder.  This is 1993, my second year racing in Holland, NK/ONK,  the Dutch Champioship. 

Rotax 125

1993 Assen  Rik Wesselius #34

1993 at Assen paddock

1993 Assen park ferme

1993 Assen pit lane

Bert Smit 6 en Rik Wesselius 34

1993 Assen in the Geert Timmer corner

1993 Assen

Kwelder Bocht, the last corner before Start/Finish

1993 Eemshaven

Almost on the dyke before the "S Bocht"

1993 Varselring

Varselring  1993

1993 Varselring

1993 Assen paddock  Rob Bron  and  Rik Wesselius

Approaching the last corner

The third corner

1993 Assen in the miserable rain

1993 Assen in the rain

1993 Assen in the rain