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Visionsports Riding Schools track days.

TZ 350 in the making.
My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.
Rik's Rotax 125 1993
Rik's Rotax 125 1994
My 1992 RS125R Honda
Visionsports Riding Schools track days.
The 125 flame thrower
RS125RF Honda


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Riding-school day. It was a great day for this. My RS125R Honda was looking good and riding like a bullet. My leathers still fit me( sort of) and I had a blast after 6 years of absence from the track. I sure had to take it easy, because in my head it was like the good old days again, but in reality it is much harder than you might think.

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I was running the bike up to about 11.000 RPM that day, running in the piston.  Normally they run up to 12.500 to 14.000 RPM !!  hear what it sounds like at 11.000RPM. 

1992 RS125R Honda sound

"Super Dave's" riding school

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I've done this twice now, and I am totally hooked. Fantastic instructions, lots of riding time. Can't wait to go again!!

Super Dave's 2004 Race Against Childhood Cancer
Super Dave's 2004 Race Against Childhood Cancer

Rik Wesselius

checking the tire presure

As you can see, all high-tech equipment.

blackhawkfarms Raceway

So after lunch I was pretty much ready to hit the track and have some fun. But, rain came plunshing down and nobody really went out on the track. Just sitting there on the track with a bike waiting for me wasn't going to happen! I started the bike and went out to have some very scary moments. I never liked to ride or race in the rain, but I started to go faster and faster. This was interesting! I was thinking I was making a huge mistake riding on slicks like that. Lap after lap, hardly anyone joined me, but I kept on going. Well, I was so far in my own little world, that I ran out of gas way out!

So a long walk back, filled the bike up and I went right out again, not knowing how slippery it really was. I started to wonder what I was doing before. As before I went real slow the first couple of laps and it just started to go faster. I don't have much experience in the rain, but I think staying constant and keep your cool will really get some nice quick laps in. I was going just as fast on the straights and figured out that you can brake like crazy on a wet track with just slicks, just don't turn when you brake, at least not hard.

my RS125R honda at blackhawk raceway

I thought I'd better make some pictures now, before I crash it or something like that. Just 71.o kg and 39hp/12,000 rpm, it can make a bigger bike look silly if you can ride on these puppies. Braking is really crazy. The stopping power is so great, you could flip it over your head. yikes!!
Very little power, but if you set it up just right, it will go like bananas. You would be surprised how fast they can go. First gear is very tall, (60 mph) and on top it will run 140mph.

RS125R honda '92

RS125R Honda

me on the track zooming around

Ok, I admit it isn't the best picture, but I will get some better ones next year.

happy me

still happy me

I can do this with my eyes closed. (O;

YOU WIN !!!!

April 15th, 2001. The first trackday in the year at Blackhawkfarms raceway with the Visionsports ridingschool again. We walked the track and discussed what the best lines are, and what to do, and what not to do supervised by "SUPER DAVE" Rosno. Great guy by the way! Anyhoo, time to get my bike warmed up and start doing some slow laps to run the engine in. It was totally rebuilt, and I want to keep this bike clean and up running. Don Dechant helped me all day, jetting, plug chops and fun like that. Got the gearing right and after lunch I wanted to step it up a bit.

Hardly anyone on the track, so I had it for myself all afternoon and learned a hell of a lot!! The great thing about having so much time on an empty track is that I could try different lines and different riding positions. Making silly mistakes, but that is good! I'm learning (O: I can't wait to go again and have some dry conditions and feel the bike in the dry. I was on the bike last year, but it blew up right in the beginning of that morning. This time was the first time to step it up and feel the bike. These things are amazing!! Besides the great day riding the bike, I got so many positive reactions and questions about the bike. So now they know what these little guys are capable of, no matter how small they look, it can really make some superbig and fast bikes look silly!! (O; And for me that is what it is all about. I'm having a blast on this bike!! Rik