Rik is racing for fun!

My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.

TZ 350 in the making.
My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.
Rik's Rotax 125 1993
Rik's Rotax 125 1994
My 1992 RS125R Honda
Visionsports Riding Schools track days.
The 125 flame thrower
RS125RF Honda


It is the year 1992, and I am ready to race my first year.

This is what they sound like. It takes a while to download, but when you see the pictures and hear the sound, you'll get a feeling what is going on. Click on the photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350 Yamaha (O:

Hear what 350cc's sound like!!

me at Assen in 1992
click photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350

So, now I knew what it was to ride a TZ 350 engine, and wanted to race. I knew I could never do that with the RD 400 frame. So, I started to buy little things to build my Yamaha TZ 350. It took a while, but slowly it started to look like a race bike.

my yamaha TZ 350

You know, I built this bike in my bedroom, and as soon as it was finished, I looked for a spark, put some gas and oil in it, pushed it into the kitchen and....!!!! Yes, it worked! I had 2 meters to work with and I had to be careful "not" to run it through the wall! (O: My, "then" girlfriend wasn't all that thrilled about the whole experience, the house was filled with blue smelly smoke, Ha-Ha, The good thing was, it worked!

pit-lane at Assen

This was the type of ignition on my TZ350.

I had this type of ignition on my bike.  Very simple, push, go!  It never failed me.

2X 38MM carburettors.

Here you can see the 2X 38MM power jetted carburettors, I had the engine in the RD400 frame before as on this picture.

wheelying at the tolbert track

Yep, I know these pictures aren't the greatest, but I have such good memories about that day. Everybody was wheelying around. I never got a good picture of me doing a wheelie in the race or practice, but someone got me on a home video recorder and so I just had to take some digital pictures of the tv screen to get some images. You can tell by the big lines through the picture frame. I had a blast that day. No pulling on the handle-bars, it just does that at every corner by itself.

wheelying at the tolbert track

click photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350
click photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350

1,2,3,4,5,6-wow, these things go fast!!  braking is pretty hairy too

Getting used to it

Assen start and finish on my TZ350 Yamaha in 1992.

This is how my bike looked at the end of the season.   Wish I never sold it...................

First time out on the track for practice, the very beginning.

Looking at my old TZ350 after 13 years, I feel a bit unhappy that I had to sell it. Although I learned to ride my Rotax 125GP much harder and faster, I still liked this one the best. The power and the sound.........would be fun to take it to the tracks again! (O;

warming up and smoking a bit

wheelying at the tolbert track

Nothing smooth here. Coming out of the corner at Tolbert in Holland, it starts pulling very hard, shooting forward. At around 10,000RPM the front wheel shoots up like you wouldn't believe. Just in 1st gear ofcourse, which is around 60 MPH....(O:

wheelying at the tolbert track

racing at tolbert

Here are some pictures of my TZ350 engine I had in the bike.  Also a picture of the cylinders.  You can see that they have been worked on, you got to look close for that (O;  They were ex-GP racer Rob Bron his old champion cylinders, and were fast as the devil.  Can't tell you what was done on them, but with the 38MM powerjet carburettors I had plenty of horse power!!  http://www.robbron.be   

Rob Bron

These cylinders were on my TZ350.

 TZ250 cylinders

These are TZ250 cylinders, not mine, just to show the difference in size and port changes through the years.

TZ 350 engine

TZ350 engine

TZ2/350 Spares * TZ250 Spares

This is how it turned out, nice bike. Too bad they don't run anymore. These older bikes have something special about them, at least, I think so!


relaxing in the garden (O;

Vintage roadracing Canada


Assen was my home circuit. Did most of the free training days and races there. We also had some street tracks, which made it very exciting to practice the different tactics on the different tracks.

at Assen

Click on photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350
click photo to see youtube clip of my TZ350

oooops,  a bit off line Rikio  *** Click **   The Flying Finn Jarno Saarinen world champion 1972  250 cc.

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