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TZ 350 in the making.

TZ 350 in the making.
My 1979 TZ350 Yamaha.
Rik's Rotax 125 1993
Rik's Rotax 125 1994
My 1992 RS125R Honda
Visionsports Riding Schools track days.
The 125 flame thrower
RS125RF Honda

TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame.


TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame, 2x 38 carburettors with power jets

It was very easy to put the TZ engine in. It just has the same size as the RD 400, just slide it in. Had to weld some mounts to hold the radiator, but that was all. Looking at it from behind, staring at 2 powerjet 38mm carburetors. Flipped the shifter over, 1 up, 5 down.

So you find out everything is A-OK, and now it is time for some testing. finally!!  So I went to a remote place some where in the Amsterdam industry area, where more people seem to test their bikes.  Sprinters, cars, dirtbikes, and people like me.......
Cops sometimes show up to see what is going on, but usually is never a problem, unless they think the bikes are stolen, and that happens a lot there!

So a bit of jetting, trying to find a sprocket that runs fine for the first time.  My first try was a disaster, i had it geared wayyyy to tall, clutch was slipping, and I didn't know what I was doing.  The first gear was soooo long, like taking off in your car or bike in third!  So I changed that, and "VOILA" perfect bike.  I really had to get used to the RPM and the sudden power hit.  This bike was fun! 

TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame, 2x 38 carburettors with power jets

From the right side to have a different view of the whole bike. At that time I thought it was a pretty good bike. It was a bit short and cramped, but what did I know about race bikes. Just think 10 years later I'm on a RS125R Honda again, talk about no space!! I'm as limber as a 2x4.

The Yamaha Two Stroke Club Holland .

A few months later it became a real 1979 TZ350 Yamaha. It still had the RD400 front forks and break disk, wasn't really up for this sort of driving.



2 X 38MM power jet


In the showroom, almost ready to let it run. Picture below, time to jet it right and put some normal gearing on and let it go!! For a 1979 engine it was still very competetive and great fun to ride. 

TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame, 2x 38 carburettors with power jets

testing my bike, man this thing flies!!

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TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame, 2x 38 carburettors with power jets

Just an other angle actually, but it is nice to look at. Home made pipes which were pretty good. good pick up and they didn't crack. One push and it would run. That is 2 steps. (O;

TZ 350 engine in RD 400 frame

My 1979 TZ350 engine. When I bought the engine, I got the cylinders from , Rob Bron ex-world GP rider and multiple Dutch champion  http://www.robbron.be   . I had it set up for a beginner rider, but it was still very fast. At 7000RPM the power starts kicking in, and at 10000RPM all hell breaks loose! 100KMH in first gear, depending on the gear setup.....so you know. I have tried to ride it on the streets one night, but all I could do was in first gear until the next side street. You could change to a small front sprocket......but that would be totally nuts. I like the idea though! (O;


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